In partnership with NTT Balingen (Germany) - a pioneering R&D facility in Germany, the SPARK team developed, tested and adjusted each style resulting in a combination of thought-through designs, high-performance fabrics and cutting edge features.



Sama Farouk

"Material is so soft doesn’t absorb water as a Kayak player I’m receiving water splash during practice, I felt comfortable. Regarding the hijab, it didn’t slip at all, fit my face well and doesn’t absorb sun rays, proud that i knew Spark, proud that i tried their products, proud that there is an Egyptian company with this quality.

Doaa El Gobashy

`Beach Volleyball outfits are normally a bra and a slip. Nonetheless, after a long process, we managed to get permission for me to compete in my covered outfit at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016. Covered outfits normally cause heat accumulation and therefore take a toll on the athletic performance. SPARKs one layer system and cooling fabric properties really make a difference in my training. I am outside in the sun all the time and feel more comfortable and free.

Doha Hany

I was looking for an outfit that is not too loose and not too tight so that I don't get hindered in my movements, but still maintain my modesty I especially love the SPARK tops for exactly that reason and I'm proud to part of the ambassador team.

Hadia Hosny

I love the idea behind SPARK! I love the fact that there is a sports brand that cares about the needs of us Hijabi athletes in the sports field and that lets us athletes be the creator of the exact design features!

Hala Maged Yehia

"When I tried SPARK high-performance sports hijab I felt the difference, the silicone strips fix the fabric on my fore- head which makes me feel secure even when taking of my fencing mask. My normal hijab was moving back each time I removed the fencing mask. Finally with Spark I don’t need to change my hijab

Khadija El Shafei Hagezy

"Running is my life. I started running back in 2011 just for fun and to lose some weight. My love for running gradually grew inside and now I became a marathon runner. I've always missed having something like Spark as I used to worry about adjusting my hijab all the time and actually finding something comfortable to wear.


CairoScene magazine

SPARK IS EGYPT'S NEWEST MODEST SPORTSWEAR BRAND Ever heard of having cooling systems in your work-out leggings to ensure that you feel… well, cool? Well, Spark is the Egyptian modest sportswear empowering women by allowing them to work out in without having to compromise their traditions. Founded by German national and sportswear developer Tine Beez, the brand is set to be exclusively released at Egypt’s Virgin Megastores this April.

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Heya we bas Interview

 Spark Featured on Cbc at Heya we bas Tv show, introducing the whole range on air.

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Salaam gateway magazine

This Egyptian brand is making German tech-based modest sportswear affordable versus giants like Nike,

Sports hijabs have been around for some 16 years, but only started to gain mainstream, global traction once U.S. sportswear giant Nike entered the segment in 2018 with its ‘Pro Hijab’ for Muslim women athletes.

Other global sportswear brands have followed Nike, such as Adidas.

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